Vision & Mission


We believe the Chesapeake is a national treasure that should be healthy, accessible to everyone, and its watershed a place where people and wildlife thrive.


To conserve and restore the natural and cultural resources of the Chesapeake Bay watershed for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations.

We serve as a catalyst for change, advancing strong public and private partnerships, developing and using new technology and empowering environmental stewardship.

Our objective is to accelerate progress to conserve 30% of the Chesapeake watershed by 2030 by equitably connecting people to the Chesapeake while conserving and restoring priority lands and waters.


  • Connect: Connect people to the natural, cultural and recreational opportunities of the Chesapeake watershed– including its rivers, tributaries, landscapes and historic places. 
  • Conserve: Work with partners and leverage data-driven strategies to conserve 30% of the Chesapeake Bay watershed’s lands by 2030 and the special places that are important to the diverse array of communities, indigenous tribes and visitors, and that preserve the Chesapeake watershed for this and future generations.
  • Restore: Expedite the Chesapeake watershed restoration effort by leveraging data-driven strategies and partnerships to meet regional habitat and water quality standards and provide their associated community benefits.
  • Diversify: Infuse diversity-based policies and practices in our culture that are essential for the success of the Chesapeake Conservancy’s mission.
  • Excel: Ensure adequate funding, staff, controls and proficiencies to remain the key partner for connecting, conserving and restoring land and water in the Chesapeake watershed.